Random music thoughts on a Sunday morning.

When I listen to music with words, I stop thinking my own thoughts. When I dance, I am transported into the mood of the music being played. There is a difference with instrumental music, where the instruments are the only voices. I can now think my own thoughts. I don’t want to sing along. When people listen to opera, the words are in another language, so the voices become pure instruments.

There is a piece now on the radio that goes straight to my heart. No words. I think Theme from Elvira Madigan. But it RESONATES WITH MY HEART.

Pure sound, reduced to notes, goes directly our inner core. They’re allowing lyrics in figure skating now, and I’m not sure I like that. Without words, the music and the dancers are one. With words, the singer intrudes into the relationship.
I love words, but they grab my mind, my eyes and my ears.

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