American Witch Hunts

Perhaps inspired by the nearness of Halloween, I had an “ah-hah” moment while watching NCIS Los Angeles, of all things. I noticed how these shows almost always kill off the bad guys and save the good guys.  I flashed back to a course I used to teach on Witches and Witch Hunts. The tortures used to identify “witches” were almost the same.

Could America still be living out the Salem Witch Hunts–only now extended globally thanks to its imperial power?

Consider the tortures inflicted on Hillary Clinton. She has survived. Maybe she’ll be president. And she’ll go on to test the world by piling on weights until countries break under the load. Or survive.

Consider the policy of many untrained police in the U.S.: shoot off all your bullets ( a la NCIS), and if the suspect dies, he was evil.

Consider Rape Culture: if she was raped, she was not a good woman.

Who is Trump? The Grand Inquisitor, of course. Feared and beloved at the same time. Surrounded by his rabid dog followers. Even if he loses, the U.S. may be in for decades of horror as they search out the witches in America. The Civil War will look like a picnic.

And be very careful if you choose to wear a black hat on Halloween.



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