On capitalism, Foyle’s War, Nuremberg, and today’s crimes against humanity

Dear Friends,

I ask your understanding if what I write today is totally depressing. I write in the hope that by sharing my fears, some of you will understand and light a candle in the darkness.

Last night I rewatched the first episode of Foyle’s War, in which the dear man shines a spotlight on the terrible war crimes committed by the German industrial powerhouse I G Farben with the blessing of Standard Oil. The long and short of it was that the missing ingredient for Nazi bombers was made possible by the German giant with the help of American and British companies. And the slave labour was provided by Jews in Germany. All of this was known by 1947 and publicly investigated at Nuremberg.

What depresses and nauseates me is that the multinational war criminals are still collaborating and profiting from the war machinery today. Concentration camps may have disappeared, but sweatshops and death remain (Bhopal). Money has no morality. The nature of war has changed, perhaps, with the growth of terrorists of all persuasions, but as the battlefield lines have disappeared, the arms dealers, chemical companies and oil owners have gained international supremacy.  Are we all prisoners in some kind of international Auschwitz? (Keep in mind that I G Farben created a subsidiary of Auschwitz to avoid the six-mile march that was weakening its slave labour population). Does our focus on the Israel/Palestinian conflict divert our attention from the ongoing horrors of the industrial-military complex right under our noses as chemicals, oil and other necessities of war are manufactured everywhere and huge profits travel across international borders into banks?  Is the Republican focus on business deregulation really a Neo-Fascist necessity to keep the blood money safe in corporate shares and bank accounts? Is Justin Trudeau more than a pretty face hiding the hidden horrors of a TPP world order?

I’m sure my dear friends will tell me to have hope, and faith. And I will. Today, however, the lessons of history punched me hard in the gut. If there is any truth in what I learned last night (thanks, TVO for being a truly educational channel), we are in the middle of World War Three, post-modern style.



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