I gave a wonderful speech at my high school graduation, and believed every word of it. Life was an art in which man is both the sculptor and the piece of marble. The quality of the finished product depended on the skill of the artist, the quality of the marble, and the time and effort devoted to the sculpture. Fifty years later, my metaphor has changed.
I know now that life can erode us from the inside out. Or sometimes send a wrecking ball into any part of our body or our soul.
I also know that I am not made of marble. I can be the willow that bends with the storm and does not break. I know that my heart can be broken many times and continue to beat, even to swell with love.
I reflect on my reunion and am grateful to be alive. Grateful that I can still dance, smile–grateful that I have survived when so many of my classmates have not. Grateful for the many blessings in my life: my children, grandchildren, friends.
To be continued… I hope

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