Teach your children that charity begins at home instead?

Toronto’s Globe and Mail published an article today on teaching your children how to think like entrepreneurs, and I did my usual cringe: yeah, right, let’s pretend that every child can grow up to be a successful entrepreneur, when I’d be glad if my grandsons grew up without being addicted to technology, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, sex or gaming (watch the documentary, Lovechild).

My youngest grandsons have an urban agricultural backyard, thanks to their innovative dad, and I have to admit my first reaction was how he could monetize it and become a millionaire. Fortunately, he’s content to feed his family fresh veggies 12 months a year in Toronto, despite the frigid winters.
My friend taught her four daughters how to volunteer to help people. I wonder if the Globe would publish an article on how families should volunteer to help the less fortunate?
Activism begins at home too. My mother taught me that. Keep your eyes on the powerful and call them on their shit. I made a placard for my daughter when she was just a youngster and took her to a Newmarket council meeting. The sign said, “Mayor Twinney, don’t close my pool”. He read the sign out loud and promised her that he wouldn’t. If the elementary school teachers go on strike in Ontario, I’ll bring my grandsons over to walk the picket lines in support of the teachers. Hmmm….instead of teaching your children entrepreneurial skills, teach them the importance of unions, and the history of why we have any labour protection today. Fight for the unions we do have and the ones we need to create. Or join the Wobblies.

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