Monday’s Diary (written on Tuesday)

Netanyahu wins in Israel. The triumph of fear over justice. I flash forward to a post-Obama world in which the new Axis of evil continues its genocidal blockades and bombings in the Middle East, eradicating men, women and children. I saw the effects of blockade and embargo in Cuba. What surprised me was the lack of hatred towards the U.S.

I return to the present day. A day in which Stephen Harper will dance a happy jig, seeing a foreshadowing of his own victory, perhaps this summer, riding on the coat-tails of fear. Fear works. What a brilliant post-9/11 strategy. All freedom fighters, all revolutionaries are rebranded as terrorists. Radicals have disappeared from the political environment here. Why aren’t we mobilizing against the rape of our country?

Consumed by our own consumerism, are we? Lulled into false activism as we binge watch Netflix and post on Facebook? Why isn’t anyone mad as hell except the terrorists?

Back to Monday. Lunch with a dear friend who I invite to join me for Mr. Turner. I’d heard how wonderful the movie was. She sums it up by saying that the movie is as boring as Turner’s paintings. Actually, more boring. The paintings have a wonderful light while the movie is a monotonous, grey tribute to a boorish man and society. A tribute to the patriarchy and a day when men dominated women without being called on it.

Or perhaps today’s feminism is also considered terrorism?

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