I’ve learned a lot from playing Blackjack–mainly that the game is always rigged in favour of the dealer. I’m thinking Blackjack is today’s perfect metaphor. We can try and play the housing game, but, surprise, it’s rigged in favour of developers. Play the gas game, and, surprise, we can raise the price on you so our stock holders don’t suffer. Play the currency game, and the little guy will lose every time. Fluctuations drive the global economy to fortunes for the big players.
Maybe the better metaphor is crapshoot. Roll the dice.

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  1. Yes Ingrid , everything we know in life can be defined as a game. Winners and Losers. Some are aware some are not.Even Love can be defined as a game ( although I don’t like to think that way!)
    I am not going to write much Ingrid because my spelling is bad, grammar impossible and sentence structure a lot of the time – non existant! šŸ™‚

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