Toronto post storm

I’m trying very hard not to drive to a Rogers No Communication store and scream at the poor kid behind the counter. Still no internet or cable. Which means I have no excuse not to start writing my blockbuster movie about my family’s lives and times. But TV has become my support system, what with all those shows about police and fire stations and hospitals pulling out all the stops to care for us. Reality sucks in comparison. Except for the poor workers who are out there on the frontlines, restoring our power house by house now, They really care enough to sacrifice their own comfort for our well being. I guess some of them are Rogers people. But, I haven’t seen a Rogers truck anywhere in my neighbourhood. How am I posting my blog–Telus on my iPad. Telus never went out. There will be changes in the new year for this woman.  Already have Bell coming in on January 4 (their first available date).  I know, too much information. Too much whining. So what is my learning from the Ice Storm of 2013?

         Telus is awesome. This communication carrier did not go down last time the power went out in Toronto, or this times. I’m glad I bought my iPad with 3G and recommend that anyone buying a tablet ensure they have plan with Telus–though I should check to see if my flexiplan minutes (normally $5.95 a month) are going to cost me hundreds of dollars this week.  

       I’m going to check with my furnace provider to see if there is any way to keep my gas boiler working in case of Hydro outage. 

       My neighbours are awesome.  Especially Planet Dog up the street, and all the smiling faces wishing me a Merry Christmas as I walked Gonzo (who was visiting while lucky Ian was in Cuba). 

      Mobilicity got my cell back up and running after maybe 20 hours, which is why I’m getting a landline again. 

      I have lovely friends who came over on Christmas Eve and helped me feel human again. Lovely family who shared Christmas with me despite having to cook everything using generator power.

      Ah, and thank you Electrolux for 5 gas burners that allowed me to keep the temperature in my house above freezing. 

       NO THANKS to Rob it ain’t an emergency Ford, our idiot mayor, who gloried in his opportunity to hog the media again since our useless Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly was in Florida (maybe visiting the Bushes?).

       That’s all for now folks….thanks for reading if you made it this far.


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