Understanding Rosie and Margaret

Every once and a while the light bulb still goes off in my head. Today, Rosie DiManno wrote about the locker room experience, and, thunk, the thought hit me. She’s never left the locker room. 
So Rosie is in a constant state of “hit or be hit”.  Ditto for Margaret Wente
Only Margaret is the only woman at the corporate board table. But she never played with the guys on the team. Remember that all the men in their cohorts used to play against each other all the time. Women were cheerleaders. In order to play on the team, women had to pull a Joan of Arc. That can get to a gal’s head. Both Rosie and Margaret are trying to lead us into battle–but no one is following them. So they get older and crazier and stupider. And their editors laugh at their sacrificial pseudo men as other women, bikers, gays, the entire left of centre spectrum, get angry with them. Kind of like female mud wrestling.

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