Rosie, Rosie, shut the f**k up

Sometimes I think we should go back to having Women’s Pages, so that we can exile the Barbara Amiels, Margaret Wentes, and Rosie DiMannos into a section where they can do no harm. Granted, they are columnists, and have a right to write the self-centred garbage that they write. My fear is that people conclude what they say is true and that other intelligent women believe what they write.  

       Amiel is against abortion because she can’t have children. Ergo, no woman should be allowed not to have a child. Wentes pontificates about all matters patriarchal and is a one woman Tea Party. DiManno occasionally transcends her own small world to write from a more universal perspective, but today, in her October 7 Toronto Star article, she condemns all of us who have wished we could end the suffering of our dying loved ones and pets. We do this not for them, says DiManno, but for ourselves.

      The problem with narcissistic column writers is that they cannot imagine other people acting for reasons that they would not.  They are the centre of the universe, and no one has the right to challenge their belief system. Today, DiManno has crossed a line that reveals only her own selfishness and Catholicism. Read her column and weep for the many of us who have been unselfish enough to tell our loved ones they can leave us–if they wish. And who have ended the suffering of our beloved pets because we loved them enough to let them go. Let us go, Rosie. 

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