I shared last night in song with a community that was honouring, and missing one of its own–Susan Lawrence, a founding mother of our Friday Night Song Circle in Toronto. As we took turns singing Susan’s songs I kept hearing her voice in my memory, singing her favourites. Today, I wonder what was it in her voice that was so beloved to us all? And I know that her voice was special beyond the fact that we cared so much for her.

Susan had a strong, clear voice. But so do many people. She also had an unmistakeable  smile, sometimes a laugh, that lay under the surface of her singing voice. In serious song, the laugh was reduced to a catch that seemed attached to her heart. Maybe that was it. Susan’s voice came from her heart and communicated clearly to everyone in the room. Her voice communicated her love of music with every word, every note.

Our song circle has lost three remarkable voices, three remarkable human beings since late December: Matthew, Tam, and now Susan. Come to think of it, all of them had that bubbling humour in their voices. They made us happy. They made us smile. They brought us joy. They are missed.





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  1. Beautifully spoken Ingrid! You hit the nail on the heart in exploring voices. Susan seemed a little bit present last night in those loving songs.

  2. Thank you, Lucy. If my words spoke to you, I know they are true.

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