Clogging up the pipe, are we?

I really need to stop reading the newspaper web pages. Especially near bedtime. In the interest of cheap, papers like the Star are mixing advertising with real news. For example, the Toronto Star has been featuring private school in articles trumpeting the fun you can have by paying your multithousand dollar tuition fees.

Last night, the Star’s Moneyville produced a new article by Sheryl Smokin’ Smolkyn (memo to self, check spelling of name). SS boldly asserts that boomers are responsible for “clogging up” the career pipeline. If the paper were to print an article blaming women or blacks for XXX problem, they would be up against the anti-defamation organizations and public censure. Unfortunately, in today’s poor job climate, the older worker is front and center in many (poor) writer’s sights. And shooting is allowed of the older worker. I hate to analyse the hidden subconscious motives behind the Star’s recent fascination with assisted suicide.

Back to point here. How can you blame an older woman for staying in a job that she got when she was young and beautiful? Or a man, for staying in a job he has used to work his way up to the top, staying young in spirit? Blame the economy for lack of good jobs. The schools for cutting back on new hires. But stop scapegoating older workers.

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