Suggestions for music across the curriculum

1. Cultural Studies. We know music is a universal language, but it also reflects local culture. We can use it to weave together the stories of any given geographical area. We can take virtual musical field trips in Toronto, New Orleans, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Quebec and hear the stories of many cultures. Podcasts allow us to bring the world into our classrooms. CBC and Educational radio are also valuable resources to be inventoried.

2. Teaching: The history of popular music has shown the power of bringing oral, written, and perhaps visual literacy together. What are the lessons for postsecondary teachers with a great variety of competencies in our classrooms. How can we  orchestrate our classes  so students learn from one another? (one podcast and written supplement)

3. Proposal for a Mile Down the River to New Orleans.

4. (Completed. CD recorded and broadcast on  Popular Music as the Sound of a Generation: comparing the 1950s and1960s.

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